Mexican tea

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The dried ripe fruit of Chenopodium ambrosoides (family Chenopodiaceae), American wormwood, from which a volatile oil is distilled and formerly used as an anthelmintic.
Synonym(s): Jesuits' tea, Mexican tea, wormseed (2)
[G. chēn, goose, + pous (pod-), foot]

Mexican tea



named after or originating in Mexico.

Mexican axolotl
see ambystomamexicanum.
Mexican beaded lizard
(Heloderma horridum) a venomous lizard of North America whose bite causes local tissue reaction, vomiting, shock and central nervous system depression.
Mexican blue eye
see porcine paramyxovirus encephalomyelitis.
Mexican fireweed
Mexican hairless
a small lively dog with smooth skin that is hairless except on the head, feet and tip of the tail. The breed, which is recognized in the USA, is very similar to the Chinese Crested dog, and other hairless breeds. The body temperature is higher, about 104°F (40°C) than the normal range for domestic dogs. Called also Xoloitzcuintli.
Mexican poppy
argemonemexicana, A. ochroleuca.
Mexican rue
Mexican tea
see chenopodiumambrosioides.
Mexican walking fish
Mexican axolotl (above).
Mexican whorled milkweed