Mexican Green

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A regional term for marijuana with greenish leaves grown in Mexico
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Having abandoned its environmental pretensions, the only green the Mexican Green Environmental party has pursued in recent years is the long green of filthy lucre.
The Mexican people enthusiastically brought about a peaceful and stable change in their long-standing regime by casting their votes for Vicente Fox, the presidential candidate backed by the opposition--a coalition of the right-of-center National Action Party (PAN) and the Mexican Green Party.
Customers can take their pick of Mexican green headless shrimp (a generic term for raw, shell-on headless varieties usually packed in 5-pound or 2-kg.
This past June, Grupo de los Cien and the Mexican Green Party forced the federal government to create a multipartisan 12-member commission in Mexico's Chamber of Deputies to investigate ESSA's environmental record at Guerrero Negro and the likely effects of the proposed saltworks at San Ignacio Lagoon.
I remember rolling my eyes and saying in a stage whisper to the people around me that the Mexican Greens are not a real Green Party, just a family of reactionary thieves with an environmentalist veneer.