Mexican Red

A regional term for marijuana with reddish leaves grown in Mexico
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"Take the Mexican red knee - that's the one you see crawling over Bond's chest in 007 films.
Meanwhile, homemade Mexican red onions, pico de gallo and cheese sauce will add to the flavour, and you will be able to spice it up if you like a bit of heat.
2 dried New Mexican red chilies, stem and seeds removed (Very spicy chilies de arbol (5 to 6 each) or milder guajillo chilies (2 each) can be used in lieu of New Mexican red chilies)
The ceremony was attended by Ahmad Hatem Al Menhali, UAE Ambassador to Mexico, Jose Antonio Monroy, Director-General of Mexican Red Cross, representatives of the Mexican Foreign Ministry and the media.
The easiest way for people around the world to help those affected by the disaster is to donate to the ( Mexican Red Cross , officials said.
Other organisations joined by eDriving include Save the Children, the World Health Organisation and the Mexican Red Cross.
Meanwhile, more than 30 Mexican Red Cross volunteers will arrive Houston for helping in the relief measure.
2013 -- Kuwait donated USD 50,000 to the Mexican Red Cross society as part of the 150th anniversary of the International Committee of the Red Cross.
Two crossed penises, entwined with a classically Mexican red, white, and green ribbon, float in the sky.
Spider enthusiast Simon Vidler identified Mexican Red Knee and Brazilian Giant White Knee tarantulas.
During half term, May 23-31, families can also see a corn snake and ball python, plus some of the world's largest tarantulas, including the Mexican red fire - all safely behind glass.