Mexican Horse

A regional term for heroin
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Unfortunately, Cobo died during his return voyage to Manila, so Dasmarinas dispatched a second ambassador, the Franciscan Pedro Bautista, who brought more impressive gifts that included: a spirited Mexican horse, a Spanish vestido or suit, a big mirror, and a gilded escritorio or writing desk.
That may be so, but a trip to Puerto Rico, where purses are better, is the best a leading Mexican horse can hope for, it seems - and they are often painful to watch in the closing stages, when they look as if they are labouring through quicksand.
In February 1856, the body of a Mexican horse thief was discovered in a ravine near the Californian Mission San Gabriel.
The ability of the Mexican horse serum samples to block the binding of MAbs to WNV antigen was compared to the blocking ability of horse serum without antibody to WNV (Vector Laboratories, Burlingame, CA).