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A portmanteau of metropolitan and heterosexual
adjective Referring to a self-aware and often self-centred heterosexual man (noun) who is less troglodytic than the average heterosexual man, more concerned about his appearance and displays characteristics—love of art, culture and shopping—which are more typically seen in gay men
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In the past Metro-sexual men might have provided a good shoulder on which to cry.
Beckham was identified by those who know of him as a trend-setting, stylish, metro-sexual, Englishman, but few identified him as a patriotic family man, something that has been a key part of his image at home in England.
Gone are the days of the "lad" or even the "metro-sexual" - today's modern man is clean living, hard working, and puts his family first.
According to online retailer, Newcastle has more metrosexuals than any other city in the country.
Rejoice as Davina McCall and Dermot O'Leary are rendered meaningless by the country coming together as one to support a highly-skilled, multi-racial, metro-sexual England team that wins the World Cup in a style that makes us all proud!
Their sweet, loving relationship will endear pic to metro-sexual viewers.
The cowboys of old, and even those today, do not comport with the definition of a modern man: feminized, metro-sexual, in touch with his feelings.
NEW YORK -- Despite a great deal of media hype over men's changing grooming habits and attitudes, and the much-ballyhooed emergence of the "metro-sexual male," the shaving category has remained largely stagnant in terms of sales growth.
"Beckham owes his second place in the ranking to his status as the 'metro-sexual' prototype and the lucrative contracts this generated for him," BBDO said.
Most Tyneside men are in touch with their feminine side, with 90% considering themselves as metrosexuals, according to the ( admittedly biased ( online retailer
Research by website found that a staggering 88 per cent of Brummies consider themselves 'metro-sexual' males - followed by Londoners (59 per cent) and Glaswegians (34 per cent).
Not even Higgins in his tightest red shirts got that metro-sexual.