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A portmanteau of metropolitan and heterosexual
adjective Referring to a self-aware and often self-centred heterosexual man (noun) who is less troglodytic than the average heterosexual man, more concerned about his appearance and displays characteristics—love of art, culture and shopping—which are more typically seen in gay men
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Just as the clutch bag is replacing the hold-all tote for those in the know, so too are metro sexual men "being shown the door in favour of a new breed of man - the alpha sexual."
It's their fault the whole metro sexual thing came about in the first place.
But we have to take issue with his statement in the book that his countrymen are going soft - to quote him exactly: "Australian mates and good blokes have been replaced by nervous wrecks, metro sexual knobs and tossbags".
I USED to think a metro sexual was someone who got their thrills from travelling on the underground.
A metro sexual is just as keen on pulling the girls on a Saturday night as his mates, maybe even more so, but his tactics are rather different.
Forget talk of the metro sexual male gliding through our streets with his effortless style.
According to these young style police,Sex and the City is already passe and metro sexual man should be thinking not of its heroine Carrie Bradshaw,but bouncy,bosomy Beyonce.
But how do you know a metro sexual when you see one?Here are some clues to identifying this newly branded species: Twenty first century male trendsetter.
Who is and who isn't ...a guide to Welsh metrosexuals; IOAN GRUFFUDD; The epitome of metro sexual man, right do.
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