Methuselah Mouse

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A strain of dwarf mice bred for longevity, in which growth hormone levels are markedly reduced
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One recently claimed the Methuselah Mouse Prize by keeping a mouse alive for almost five years - almost 50% longer than normal - by altering a gene.
And he recommends that people contribute to the Methuselah Mouse Prize, which (similar to the X Prize in space travel) rewards researchers who make breakthroughs in making a middle-aged mouse young again, thereby lengthening its lifespan.
Cooney, an epigenetics expert at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, is entering the competition to win the Methuselah Mouse Prize (Mprize).
(4) Perhaps their most promising tool in this respect is The Methuselah Mouse Prize, which offers cash bounties for various life extension milestones reached during research on mice.
The Methuselah Mouse Prize, online: The Methuselah Foundation <>.
The Methuselah Mouse Prize has a more interesting goal: getting a mouse to have an unusually long and healthy life.
The Methuselah Mouse Prize is chiefly the brainchild of Aubrey de Grey, a theoretical biogerontologist at Cambridge University.