anisic acid

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an·is·ic ac·id

(an-is'ik as'id),
A crystalline volatile acid obtained from anise; its compounds are the antiseptic anisates.
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Based on the above evidence the structure of 1 was established as 6-(2'R-acetoxypentadecyl)-2-hydroxy-4- methoxybenzoic acid a new natural product and its physical and spectroscopic features were in agreement with the proposed structure (Fig.
6-(2'R-acetoxypentadecyl)-2-hydroxy-4- methoxybenzoic acid (1) Colorless gum; []20 14.6o (CHCl3 c 1.12); IR (NaCl) max3411 2930 2852 1742 1660 1576 1508 1438 cm-1;1H-NMR (400 MHz CDCl3) 11.53 (1H s OH D2O exchangeable) 6.39 (1H d J = 4 Hz H-3) 6.32 (1H d J = 4 Hz H-5) 5.24 (1H br.
The above data confirmed 4 as 4-hydroxy-3- methoxybenzoic acid [17].