methyl mercaptan

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meth·yl mer·cap·tan

formed in the intestines by bacterial action on sulfur-containing proteins and appears in urine after ingestion of asparagus (contributing to the characteristic odor); also used in the manufacture of various organic sulfur-containing pesticides and fungicides.
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Based on bacterial genes, the team identified a human protein which can change methanethiol into odourless compounds.
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Methanethiol, dimethyl disulfide and dimethyl trisulfide are important volatile sulfur compounds play an important role for Cheddar cheese flavor.
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(5) Additionally, Lactobacillus can metabolize methionine, which forms volatile sulfur compounds such as methanethiol, dimethyl disulfide and propionic acid.
Seven sulfur volatiles of hydrogen sulfide sulfur dioxide methanethiol dimethyl sulfide (DMS) dimethyl disulfide (DMDS) methional and dimethyl trisulfide (DMTS)
Dr Seagre said that the likelihood of "false positives" could be reduced by searching for rarer biosignature gases more closely tied to living systems, such as dimethyl sulphide (DMS), and methanethiol. He also pointed that only a technology that would be able to image a large number of exoplanets would be able to track evidences of extraterrestrial life.
In the team's projections, many corpses' produces a spike in methanethiol, which is around for only 350 years but transforms into ethane.
Anaerobic production of methanethiol and other compounds by Brassica vegetables.
Trace amounts of methanethiol (methyl mercaptan) were also added to the fuel, giving it the distinctive rotten-egg smell that would reveal any significant leakage.