Meth Mouth

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(1) A popular term for the advanced tooth decay typically associated with heavy methamphetamine use which the American Dental Association attributes to a combination of dry mouth, poor dental hygiene, high consumption of carbonate beverages and teeth clenching (bruxism). The Pennsylvania Dental Association blames the acidity of the methamphetamine as well for the decay
(2) Dry mouth, see there, aka xerostomia
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"Meth mouth"--severe tooth decay and gum disease--is a commonly known result of methamphetamine use, as illustrated by a 2015 National Institute on Drug Abuse study in which 96% of methamphetamine users in were found to have cavities (1).
Meth addicts may also suffer from a condition referred to as "meth mouth" in which they lose their teeth abnormally quickly.
Toothless: The methamphetamine "epidemic," "meth mouth," and the racial construction of drug scares.
Crack cocaine and methamphetamine were known to erode teeth - a condition referred to as meth mouth - by exposing them to damaging acid and reducing the saliva that washes it away.
Other updates include an expanded section on brain imaging; a rewritten section on components of the nervous system to simplify the action potential; tables on the states with medical marijuana laws and the major characteristics associated with different routes of administration; and sections on the importance of sleep when taking amphetamines, acetaminophen and liver damage, and the "meth mouth" myth.
Rotting teeth and receding gums are also a problem (Google 'meth mouth' to see pictures of this condition).
Users and addicts often lose their teeth abnormally quickly, a condition known as 'meth mouth'.
Addicts can lose their teeth over a few weeks or months - a condition dubbed "meth mouth".
Google "meth mouth" and you'll see revolting images of how meth can wipe a smile off a face.
"Meth mouth" is just one of the many harmful side effects caused by abusing an illegal drug called Methamphetamine (aka meth, speed, ice, and crystal).