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Away from acting, Lee is an accomplished singer and has an intriguing sideline as a heavy metal star.
Mr McCourt said he wanted to attract major golf events to the 320-acre estate near Bridgnorth and create more than 300 jobs - and said the heavy metal star, who has signed a joint venture agreement, remained central to its future.
The veteran musician was born Vincent Furnier, but he performs as heavy metal star Alice Cooper, complete with black face paint, whenever he hits the stage.
Alice was thrilled to receive his award from heavy metal star Rob Zombie.
Heavy metal star Phil Campbell rocked a city centre pub to raise money to help a car crash victim build a new life.
"The year 2000 has witnessed the development and/or introduction of several new high performance water base, UV and solvent-base Roto Star liquid ink products and the particularly successful Metal Star paste ink products."
Yes, Mr Doyle, and I've heard that heavy metal star Ozzy Osbourne is recording a tribute album to Westlife.
According to the Daily Express, the 60-year-old heavy metal star also recalled that on his first meeting with the Prince, the latter had said: "That is a remarkable voice.
The legendary heavy metal star is heading to Scotland as part of a UK tour to mark Priest's 40th anniversary.
* Liza Goddard starred as a piano teacher who takes a fancy to a heavy metal star ( Nigel Planer ( in the sitcom Roll Over Beethoven.
The reality sitcom of the heavy metal star, his wife Sharon, daughter Kelly and son Jack drew nearly eight million viewers in the US at its peak last month - record numbers for the cable network.
We are also featuring two new lines of Roto StarAqua, improved water flexo metallic ink products (improved printability, adhesion and rub), and also Eckart's outstanding one component UV metallic inks, Roto Star UV and Metal Star UV," said Oliver Crowhurst, director of business development, graphic arts at Eckart America.