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Pertaining to illumination between the photopic and scotopic ranges.
[meso- + G. opsis, vision]


Ability to see at low levels of light (e.g., at twilight).
mesopic (mĕs-ŏp′ĭk), adjective
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As far as we know, no previous studies recorded mesopic vision after WFG PRK and CXL in keratoconic patients.
Table 5: Preoperative and postoperative aberrometric parameters and mesopic vision testing results (mean [+ or -] SD) in the 2 studied groups 6 months and 12 months following the full procedure.
During twilight, both our rods and cones operate (mesopic vision) and complement each other by providing a mix of fairly good resolution and faint-light sensitivity.
Incidentally, this range also falls in our mesopic vision (see facing page).
For these situations, metrics involving mesopic vision and scene brightness perception exist.
Between day and night illumination conditions, there is another light level called mesopic vision where red and blue hues are competitive 36] (see Figure 3).
The average luminances of the road surfaces were about 2 cd/[m.sub.2], which is within the range of mesopic vision. This variation of spectral sensitivity in mesopic vision can result in underestimation of visual performance under light sources featuring a substantial blue component, such as LEDs.
MIOLs with enhanced asphericity provide better mesopic vision than those that partially correct the corneal spherical aberration (SA) [19].
The same research suggests that a car driver's reaction time (mesopic vision) is at least six times higher under white light and the higher color rendering also improves obstacle recognition.
Mesopic vision relates to lighting levels between photopic and scotopic vision.
Everything looks brighter due to the Purkinje shift into mesopic vision. A lot brighter in fact, to me and my neighbors.