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Jean, French anatomist, 1645-1722. See: Méry gland.
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Finca Pastores, a huge nursery that houses 100,000 small coffee plants, each grafted, planted, fertilized and pruned by hand, made a deep impression on Mery. Owner Hans Masch explained that it takes about three years for a healthy coffee plant to fully produce an average of five pounds of cherries, then a minimum of another eight months from harvesting season to produce one pound of roasted coffee that we purchase at our favorite local store.
Meanwhile, Mery is pregnant by the no-goodnik son of their sleaze-ball landlord, and mama, unaware, is pushing her to marry a local shutter contractor.
The project calls for a $40 million waste treatment plant capable of handling 400 tons of waste a day from Beit Mery and nearby towns.
"Clearly we would follow with additional 2-D and 3-D seismic and additional drilling," Mery said.
The Elias Moukheiber Institute for Lebanon was launched Friday at the Al-Bustan Hotel in Beit Mery.
Jim Mery, senior vice president, will continue to be in charge of the day-today operations until the presidency is filled.
On its side was painted the message: "To Sadam, Mery X-MASS."
Summary: Three hundred residents descended on Beit Mery's civic square Monday evening, angry over a plan to build a waste sorting and treatment plant in a picturesque valley nearby.
NNA - Top officials of the Free Patriotic Movement and linchpin members of the Change and Reform bloc held a caucus Friday in Beit Mery resulting in the release of a number of recommendations, most significantly one demanding an end to legislative extensions, particularly in the presidency, and alternatively electing a strong Christian president.