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Katharine K., 20th-century U.S. pediatrician. See: Kasabach-Merritt syndrome.
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The first, a politician and a doctor, by name Emory--Walter Merritt Emory--was several times at Daughtry's table, where Michael sat with them on a chair according to custom.
It was a week after he cured her headache that a moonlight sail on Lake Merritt was proposed by Norman and seconded by Arthur and Olney.
Now Merritt wants to take the world title as well in his first meeting of the season with Wariner.
It has bought Merritt Plastics which is a rigid PVC recycling and extrusion company.
By a unanimous vote of the NAPCA Board of Trustees, Merritt B.
Mississippi gun-shop sales manager Paul Merritt embraces the philosophy of providing it all to customers--with an emphasis on accessories for long guns.
State Auditor Les Merritt's office said that only 28 students had enrolled for aviation courses at the school over three academic years, at a cost of more than $300,000.
BRITAIN'S Martin Rooney trailed in sixth in the 400m final as American LaShawn Merritt stunned reigning champion Jeremy Wariner.
John Merritt has been named as the company's international managing director, a position that was created specifically to improve Oliver Medical's service to European and Asian medical device markets and enhance business development in those regions.
THE AESTHETICS OF Stephin Merritt, leader of the Magnetic Fields, are steeped in the tradition of "perfect" pop, as practiced by ABBA, Irving Berlin, and contestants of the Eurovision Song Contest.
Eleanor Merritt is showing her work in three locations this month.
How to Play During a War: A Free Spirit's Life in Letters is the true-life story of Evelyn Merritt, primarily in the words of her own letters as penned during World War II.