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R. Bruce, 20th-century U.S. biochemist and Nobel laureate. See: Merrifield synthesis.
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The state Department of Labor has assigned an investigator to look into a complaint against The Telegraph of Nashua alleging the newspaper wrongly docked a worker's pay, according to Labor Commissioner Ken Merrifield.
Merrifield, an author and writer on topics like urbanism and social theory, argues for amateurism, considering what it means and might mean by critiquing professionalism and examining the lines and tensions that exist between amateurs and professionals in terms of personal identity and work relations, knowledge production and political power, technocratic representation and popular participation, and urban studies and militant activism.
Tom Merrifield, who is regional head of the commercial property adviser's agency team in Wales, is promoted to director.
s board of directors has appointed independent director Ann Merrifield to the newly created position of lead director, the company said on Tuesday.
NYSE: RPAI) has closed on the acquisitions of Merrifield Town Center and Fort Evans Plaza II located in the Washington, D.
Target: Merrifield Town Center and Fort Evans Plaza II
Merrifield has spent more than 20 years in various consulting roles, helping businesses reimagine their operating models with the goal of escaping the "how" trap--a process that focuses on how they're doing the job.
Nadja Apel, Clare Merrifield and Gemma Lee all got their UCAS applications in by October 15 and were delighted when they began receiving offers.
and the woman who plotted to inherit it, Louisa Merrifield, went to the gallows for her crime.
SANTIAM JUNCTION - South Eugene's Trevor Merrifield won the boys 5.
22 October 2012 - EagleBank said it has opened a new branch in the mixed-use development Mosaic District, in the Merrifield area of Fairfax County.