Mermaid Baby

A popular term for a rare—1:100,000 births—congenital defect in which the legs are fused together, simulating a mermaid’s tail. Because it is often associated with urinary tract defects—kidney and bladder—as well as other organ defects, most infants die shortly after birth. It is 100 times more common in identical twins and is linked to defective in utero development of the lower abdominal aorta. The preferred medical term is sirenomelia
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PICTURE SPECIAL; New hope: A team of surgeons are ready to carry out a pioneering operation on the Little Mermaid baby
What a lovely ending to such a very sad story of mermaid baby Fred (The People, November 16).
This is the incredible moment when tragic mum Estelle Bates lovingly cradled her one-in-a-billion mermaid baby for the first time.
Gazing down adoringly at the perfectly-preserved infant - called a mermaid baby because its legs were fused together - she knew her years of anguish were over.
To make matters worse the consultant came in and told us we had had a mermaid baby.