J., Finnish physician. See: Meretoja syndrome.
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Numminen, Meretoja, Isoaho, and Leino-Kilpi (2013) noted nurses' perception of their own competence influences their job satisfaction.
The interplay of narrators, characters, and readers contributes significantly to narrative's unique ability to shape, in Hanna Meretoja's phrase, "our view of who we are and who we could become" ("Narrative Hermeneutics").
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Korpela, Korvenoja, and Meretoja (1999) randomized 120 children (ages 1 to 7 years) to receive placebo, 20 mg/kg, 40 mg/kg, or 60 mg/kg doses of rectal acetaminophen after anesthetic induction for an elective daycase surgical procedure.
Similarly, numerous researchers have suggested working on peer/ supervisor support and organizational skills(Birdi, Leach, & Magadley, 2016; Cokpekin & Knudsen, 2012); Further, it is also suggested that the organisational and individual factors link to working/practice environments (AbuAlRub, Al-Akour, & Alatari, 2015; Fallatah & Laschinger, 2016; Numminen, Leino-Kilpi, Isoaho, & Meretoja, 2015) and organizational learning and its implementation (Nembhard & Tucker, 2016) can be viewed in the required missing mechanism.