J., Finnish physician. See: Meretoja syndrome.
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Korpela, Korvenoja, and Meretoja (1999) randomized 120 children (ages 1 to 7 years) to receive placebo, 20 mg/kg, 40 mg/kg, or 60 mg/kg doses of rectal acetaminophen after anesthetic induction for an elective daycase surgical procedure.
Similarly, numerous researchers have suggested working on peer/ supervisor support and organizational skills(Birdi, Leach, & Magadley, 2016; Cokpekin & Knudsen, 2012); Further, it is also suggested that the organisational and individual factors link to working/practice environments (AbuAlRub, Al-Akour, & Alatari, 2015; Fallatah & Laschinger, 2016; Numminen, Leino-Kilpi, Isoaho, & Meretoja, 2015) and organizational learning and its implementation (Nembhard & Tucker, 2016) can be viewed in the required missing mechanism.
Hanna Meretoja illustrates that there are two diverging perspectives of narrative's role in the world, what can be loosely described as the epistemological and ontological views.
First of all, if healthcare employees perceive their hospitals as mission-driven and dominantly centralized businesses, they will feel that every single medical treatment service is associated with the institutional mission, value system, ethical practices, financial incentives and organizational growth (Numminen, Leino-Kilpi, Isoaho, & Meretoja, 2015).
Meretoja O A et al (1996), (3) Paris S T et al (1997), (4) Brain K O et al (1998), (5) Sigston P E et al (1997), (6) Black A et al (1996), (7) and Vernoque et al (1994) (8) have used Sevoflurane and Halothane in paediatric patients for endotracheal intubation.
Lo anterior es coherente con el planteamiento de Anagnostopoulos y Spanea (2005), para quienes el cancer de mama implica consecuencias negativas en el aspecto fisico, la autoimagen y el atractivo de las mujeres, y asi mismo con los resultados del estudio de Meretoja, Leidenius, Tasmuth, Sipila y Kalso (2014), segun los cuales el dolor tras los tratamientos oncologicos es persistente y es un problema clinico significativo que se ha mantenido a pesar de las estrategias terapeuticas.
Edited by Hanna Meretoja, Saija Isomaa, Pirjo Lyytikainen, and Kristina Malmio
Pirjo Lyytikainen, Hanna Meretoja, Saija Isomaa, and Kristina Malmio.
Patients like Barbeler, 66, gain a month of disability-free life for every 15 minutes saved in getting the clot-busting drug, according to research by Meretoja and colleagues published today in the journal Stroke.
A study by Meretoja et al (37) examined SLNB of 280 patients with breast cancer who had pure or microinvasive DCIS.