J., Finnish physician. See: Meretoja syndrome.
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Numminen, Meretoja, Isoaho, and Leino-Kilpi (2013) noted nurses' perception of their own competence influences their job satisfaction.
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Korpela, Korvenoja, and Meretoja (1999) randomized 120 children (ages 1 to 7 years) to receive placebo, 20 mg/kg, 40 mg/kg, or 60 mg/kg doses of rectal acetaminophen after anesthetic induction for an elective daycase surgical procedure.
Similarly, numerous researchers have suggested working on peer/ supervisor support and organizational skills(Birdi, Leach, & Magadley, 2016; Cokpekin & Knudsen, 2012); Further, it is also suggested that the organisational and individual factors link to working/practice environments (AbuAlRub, Al-Akour, & Alatari, 2015; Fallatah & Laschinger, 2016; Numminen, Leino-Kilpi, Isoaho, & Meretoja, 2015) and organizational learning and its implementation (Nembhard & Tucker, 2016) can be viewed in the required missing mechanism.