J., Finnish physician. See: Meretoja syndrome.
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It was shown that increased anti-AChR antibody levels were associated with increased sensitivity to vecuronium (Nilsson & Meretoja, 1990), but no relation between anti-AChR antibody levels and atracurium requirements was found (Hayashida et ah, 2000).
Illman HL, Laurila P, Antila H, Meretoja OA, Alahuhta S, Olkkola KT.
The focus of a study by Meretoja and Leino-Kilpi (17) was to identify reliable and valid measures of nurse competence to address quality and efficacy of nursing care.
1) I would like to thank Karin Kukkonen, Genie Giaimo, and Hanna Meretoja for their perceptive comments on an early draft of this essay.
In addition, they held the opinion that they need more professional development in the fields of teaching and coaching (Makipeura, Meretoja, Virta-Helenius, & Hupli, 2007).
coli, and a periplasmic extract was prepared and purified with a cation-exchange chromatography column (SP STREAMLINE; Pharmacia Biotech), a Ni-NTA Superflow column (Qiagen), and a HiTrap Protein G column (Pharmacia Biotech; Meretoja et al.
Susann Eriksson, * Markus Vehniainen, Tove Jansen, Ville Meretoja, Petri Saviranta, Kim Pettersson, and Timo Lovgren