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One of a number of standardised 'patients' in computer simulations of patient interactions, which are used to teach basic clinical thinking
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Mercedes Higgins sighed cheerfully and for the time was lost in retrospection.
Mercedes Higgins was voluble as a Greek, and wandered on in reminiscence.
Saxon chilled, and her face was grave; but Mercedes Higgins rattled on.
Much more Mercedes had talked, in snatches and fragments.
"Rest be blanked," said Hal, with his beardless lips; and Mercedes said, "Oh!" in pain and sorrow at the oath.
The whip was whistling savagely, when once more Mercedes interfered.
Mercedes cried when her clothes-bags were dumped on the ground and article after article was thrown out.
Mercedes looked over their shoulders and nodded comprehensively, it was all so very simple.
And to cap it all, when Mercedes, with tears in her pretty eyes and a quaver in her throat, could not cajole him into giving the dogs still more, she stole from the fish-sacks and fed them slyly.
Mercedes ceased weeping over the dogs, being too occupied with weeping over herself and with quarrelling with her husband and brother.
Charles and Hal wrangled whenever Mercedes gave them a chance.
Mercedes nursed a special grievance--the grievance of sex.

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