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One of a number of standardised 'patients' in computer simulations of patient interactions, which are used to teach basic clinical thinking
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Mercedes has introduced a number of active safety features in recent years under its PRE-SAFE moniker.
The Penmark deal was cultivated by top Mercedes agent, Rita Lerner.
Surprisingly though, the Mercedes flagship handles the corners quite capably.
Malone's wife, Marilyn, has owned more than one Mercedes over the years, giving Malone first-hand experience with the product.
The plant has an installed capacity of 70,000, but Mercedes made less than 25,000 subcompact sedans, so-called A-Class cars, last year.
MERCEDES is celebrating 100 years of automotive history - with passion.
A Mercedes showroom (separate from Buick) opened in 1986, and a Mercedes services and parts department was added in the early 1990s.
The events add not only a new twist to "speed dating" but also to the Valentine's Day season as a whole, since each of the potential couples will meet in brand new Mercedes Benz automobiles.
Suffice to say, this engine doesn't follow the off-the-shelf parts bin philosophy used at other manufacturers, as virtually no parts are shared with any member of Mercedes power train family.
Mercedes officials agree with Fleming, saying Santa Clarita is ripe for the luxury market.
Like many prominent executives, Michael Bassermann drives a Mercedes.
Electrical and brake system faults on several Mercedes car lines (including the E-Class) forced the automaker to recall 1.

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