Mentha pulegium

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Herbal medicine
An aromatic herb that is used internally for anxiety, bloating, colds, coughs, indigestion, menstrual cramps and premenstrual syndrome.
Pennyroyal should not be used in pregnancy, as it stimulates uterine contraction; it should not be given to young children; it may cause liver damage.

Mentha pulegium,

n European pennyroyal. See pennyroyal.
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The essential oil content shows variations in plants of different geographical origin and also in different part of the tree: Stoyanova et al, (2005); studied the composition of Mentha pulegium oil collected from the Batak in the Rhodope Mountains (Bulgaria), they reported that the yields of oil obtained by water and steam distillation were 1.
The constituents of leaves essential oil of Mentha pulegium from Morocco are listed in order of their elution on the HP- 5MS non polar column (Figure 2).
This total oil was globally similar to that of Mentha pulegium oil of Tunisia which is (96.
Also it's different to the composition of essential oil of leaves of Mentha pulegium study in Tunisie and Morocco which the major component were menthol (48.
Daniel et al (2002), studied the composition of Mentha pulegium oil collected from the Uruguay, they reported that the composition is characterized by a high content of pulegone (73.
Trichomes micromorphology and essential oil variation at different developmental stages of cultivated and wild growing Mentha pulegium L.
Chemical Composition and Antimicrobial Activity of Flowering Aerial Parts Mentha Pulegium from Gilan.
Phytochemical study and insecticidal activity of Mentha pulegium L.
99] (days) of adult Bruchus rufimanus exposed to the essential oils of Mentha pulegium of Loukkos and Middle Atlas.
Especes vegetales Usages therapeutiques Famille (Nom scientifique) locaux Lamiaceae Mentha pulegium L.
Tableau 1 Plantes medicinales les plus utilisees dans les soins de l'appareil respiratoire Frequence Code Espece vegetale d'utilisation 163 Mentha pulegium L.
The lowest activity was observed in Mentha pulegium among methanol extracts.