Maud L., Canadian pathologist in U.S., 1879-1960. See: Michaelis-Menten constant, Michaelis-Menten hypothesis.
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Films include, the Palm Beach County Premiere of "Abe and Phil's Last Poker Game" starring Martin Landau, in his last film, and Paul Sorvino; the Florida Premiere of "The Body Collector" is a Holocaust thriller from the Netherlands based on the true story of a journalist bringing to justice Peter Menten, an ex-Nazi and war criminal who dealt with stolen art owned by Jews; the Palm Beach County Premiere of "Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds: The Conductor Zubin Mehta.
We're looking all the way through the Milky Way, past its center, way out into the other side," MPIfR's Karl Menten said in the statement.
Losses due to a reduction in the number of plants, tillers, and ears can occur from insect attacks (Peruzzo, Salvador, Pereira, Bertollo, & Tonello, 2007), competition from weeds (Agostinetto, Rigoli, Schaedler, Tironi, & Santos, 2008), and diseases that affect the emergence and establishment of healthy seedlings (Garcia Junior, Vechiato, Menten, & Lima, 2008).
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Dermauw W, Wybouw N, Rombauts S, Menten B, Vontas J, Grbic M, Clark RM, Feyereisen R, Van Leeuwen T.
She is survived by her daughters, Patricia Emory and her husband Linton "Skip" of Woodbridge, NJ; and Jane Maynard and her husband James Treyens of Tacoma, WA; her grandchildren, Richard Emory of North Brunswick, NJ, Matthew Emory and his wife Meredith of Houston, TX, Michael Emory and his partner James Ronald Whitney of Palm Springs, CA, Daniel Menten of Arcata, CA, and Rebecca Menten of San Rafael, CA; two sisters, Eva M.
Riqueza de especies de artropodos observada y estimada en Chaco Humedo, Apipe Grande y Selva Paranaense en la Provincia de Corrientes, Argentina, acorde a los estimadores Michelis- Menten (MM), Jacknife de primer orden (Jackl) y Chaol, "singletones", "doubletones", unicos y duplicados.
Kenyon, Chris Richard, Lung Vu, Joris Menten, and Brendan Maughan-Brown.
Garrod, along with lead author Arnaud Belloche and Karl Menten, both of the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy, and Holger M'ller, of the University of Cologne, sought to examine the chemical makeup of Sagittarius B2, a region close to the Milky Way's galactic center and an area rich in complex interstellar organic molecules.
455 0,0089 Aerobia 2 717 0,816 0,767 0,0027 MSBR 174 7,42 0,228 0,138 68 -- 0,26 0,032 AS 141 -- -- -- SBR 541 4,118 0,573 0,1413 SBR 74 -- 0,42 0,12 Sistema Modelo Referencia Anaerobia Aerobia 1 Orozco Este estudio Aerobia 2 Anaerobia Michaelis Aerobia 1 Menten Este estudio Aerobia 2 MSBR Monod J.