Trager mentastics

A set of self-guided mental and physical exercises that form a passive, individualised component of Tragerwork sessions, which are used to link the mind and body for optimal performance.

Tragerwork is a health-enhancing system of movement therapy that consists of dancelike movements intended to evoke sensations of freedom and lightness.

Mentastics (men·tasˑ·tiks), mental gymnastics; term coined by Milton Trager, MD, to describe mind-guided movements that are meant to manifest freely and with little effort.
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Trager Mentastics Self-Care through Mindful Movement Led by Cindy Popp-Hager and Tammy McEvoy, 7-8:30 p.
MENTASTICS (mental gymnastics): Standing exercises that involve weight-shifting, swinging, and letting go establish a sense of delight and awareness of one's moving self.
The sense of fluidity, softness and aliveness experienced in Mentastics can be applied to everyday movements: as you reach for a glass, open a door, sit or rise, be aware, and ask How can this be easier, softer, freer?
According to Ormyron, who is also an accredited practitioner of the Trager approach called Mentastics, developed by Milton Trager (1908-1997), its major difference from the Feldenkrais method is that the sensory input is massive, yet it doesn't diminish the pleasure of the experience.