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a state of being in deficit.

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Q. haemoglobin deficiency Haemoglobin deficiency - 6.3 rbc count less than normal range. platelets are 157000

A. what you describe here is pretty harsh numbers. very very low hemoglobin, low platelets level...have you checked for white blood cells? i recommend seeing a Dr. ASAP. with these numbers there is a good chance that you'll bleed from places that are not supposed to bleed.

Q. Recently I came to know after a test that I am vitamin D deficient so how much vitamin D should I take? I am 26 yrs old and I have fibromyalgia. Recently I came to know after a test that I am vitamin D deficient so how much vitamin D should I take?

A. what is a normal level of vitamin d for a 65 yr old woman?

Q. what can be done for spontaneous hypothermia? is there a deficiency of hormones or anything that can be taken

A. hypothermia can be caused by al sort of things. Some bacterial infections, poisoning, aciduria , hypothyroidism and more. Is this the only symptom? I’m sure there are some others. But I think this could be a good idea to check up with a Dr.

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Yet for all his anger at the ignorance of those who would treat the physically disabled as mentally deficient, Nolan could be a remarkably forgiving and gracious man.
Mentally deficient children were seen to threaten British Columbia society, morally, biologically, and economically.
While Gallup could ask elderly Americans directly about these matters, a standard telephone survey does not include people living in arrangements such as nursing homes, and is likely to miss people too frail or mentally deficient to be interviewed.
The idea of euthanasia was again brought to the social forefront during WWII and Nazi Germany, when adults and children considered mentally deficient involuntarily were put to death (McKhann, 1999).
Scholars disapproved of frivolous divorces and might help by disallowing oaths if evidence showed that the man had been temporarily insane or in some way mentally deficient, or that he had pronounced an incorrect formula.
Moore then referred to 'a very interesting book' by Drs Nye and Bostock, (38) where the 'question of the continued increase in numbers of the mentally deficient, and the need for some action' were discussed.
In one fell swoop, Dana in effect equates the Antivivisectionists, who were characterized by similar displays of compassion for animals, with mentally deficient individuals.
How neighbours, friends and relations laughed when told about my vociferous battles against bumbling bureaucrats, mentally deficient shop assistants, rip-off merchants, unpolished shoes, unmown lawns, fake HP Sauce and, of course, the politically correct denizens of the dumbed-down BBC.
When the British justice Lord Alexander Cockburn wrote in Hicklin of "those whose minds are open to such immoral influences," he meant not only children but also women, servants, and the mentally deficient.
It was chilling to witness a local Special School principal look directly into the camera and declare that the Romany children, who composed the preponderance of her students, were there because they were mentally deficient and would never succeed in a regular school.
African American leaders described as "our first black president" a character who as a candidate had made a point of executing the mentally deficient Rickey Ray Rector, who ditched Lani Guinier, humiliated Betty Currie, and vetoed a United Nations resolution calling for international action to forestall the genocide in Rwanda.
Japan's Penal Code prohibits the punishment of those determined by a medical examination to be mentally deficient.