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mental body,

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Sociologically, women are better conditioned to understand, verbalise and get help for their difficulties - putting less stress on their physical and mental body," added Dr Afridi.
Simple, human purpose is driving the strategy of every governmental and non-govern- mental body.
The target group is people with disabilities, specifically those with hearing impairment or hearing impairment combined with disabilities, mental body.
Remarkably prolific, Benjie tends to opt for group shows although he currently celebrated his exhibit at the Avellana Gallery entitled, "Silver Chords," whose title is a representation of the mystical silver chord that links the higher self to our physical body and the synthesis of the physical, etheric, astral and mental body.
With the introduction of yoga into the Western world, women readily understood that what happens to the physical body has a profound effect on the mental body.
Planning to hold hands is based on the visual map of space while the second plan, to reach for her calf, depends on the dancer's mental body map.