meningeal carcinomatosis

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me·nin·ge·al car·ci·no·ma

an infiltration of carcinoma cells in the arachnoid and subarachnoid space; may be primary or secondary.
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meningeal carcinomatosis

Leptomeningeal carcinomatosis, carcinomatous leptomeningitis Oncology The spread of cancer to the meninges, most common in small cell lung cancer–SCLC, seen in 26% of Pts with SCLC.
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Meningeal carcinomatosis (MC) is rare and occurs in 1-18% of patients with solid tumours, most commonly carcinomas of the breast and lung or melanomas.
Meningeal carcinomatosis is the tumoral invasion of the leptomeninges.
Due to recurrent characteristics of hypertensive encephalopathy, chronic bacterial and fungal infections of the central nervous system, a current cerebrovascular accident and central nervous system vasculitis, and meningeal carcinomatosis were investigated.
There is no difference in the appearance comparing to meningeal carcinomatosis, lymphoma, leukemia, tuberculosis and fungus meningitis [5, 6].
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Ocular symptoms even in the absence of other clinical symptoms may represent the initial manifestation of meningeal carcinomatosis. Thus, meningeal carcinomatosis should be considered in the differential diagnosis in selected patients even if making the diagnosis is often challenging.
The etiology is diverse and includes infectious, granulomatous and inflammatory disorders, collagen vascular disorders, carcinoma, lymphoma, meningioma en plaque, sarcoidosis, haemodialysis, mucopolysaccharidosis, intrathecal drug administration, and meningeal carcinomatosis diseases.

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