Meniere's syndrome

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Ménière's syndrome


Meniere's syndrome

A disease of the inner ear, marked by recurrent episodes of loss of balance (vertigo) and roaring in the ears lasting several hours. Its cause is unknown.
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Patient discussion about Meniere's syndrome

Q. What treatments are other using for Meniere's disease? I have tried the low salt diet. Curious to know what others have tried.

A. At the present time there is no cure for Meniere's disease, but there are ways to manage the condition and help you control symptoms. Treatment for Meniere's disease falls into the following categories:
1. Diet
2. Medication: including antihistamines, anticholinergics, steroids, and diuretics.
3. Surgery- in extreme cases

Doctors may recommend vestibular training, methods for dealing with tinnitus, stress reduction, hearing aids to deal with hearing loss, and medication to prevent nausea and symptoms of vertigo.

Q. I suffer from menieres disease. can someone tell me about the surgical treatment I can have for it? I suffer from menieres disease for the last decade or so. I have taken off my diet almost all the salt, I stopped with coffee and alcohol and I stopped smoking at all. Still i have attacks of the disease each month and the vertigo is just getting worse. I know that there is a surgical treatment but is it any good? I never met someone who did this surgery. can someone that did this surgery tell me a little about it?

A. I went the surgery 5 years ago. Before it I had menieres disease for almost two decades. I felt crippled from this horrible situation. after the surgery I lost my hearing in the ear but the vertigo is gone.
Its a hard decision but if you are not sure about this surgery you can always do it later, so don't rush into it before you are completely ready to take the risks.

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