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Prosper, French physician, 1799-1862. See: Ménière disease, Ménière syndrome.
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Media reports indicate that Meniere and Jardel withdrew from their community, took advantage of the generosity of the Du Plessis family, and then allegedly stole eggs, vegetables and goat milk.
Philippe Meniere and Agnes Jardel are reported to have been survivalists, and to have believed that the end of the world was near.
Variations in resistance and compliance can result in a transient pressure imbalance, which might help explain the pathophysiology of conditions such as vertigo, BPPV, and Meniere disease.
It is assumed that autoimmunity occurs via one of three basic pathways to cause tissue damage in Meniere disease, which may or may not be organ-specific: (1) autoantibodies directed against antigens found upon or within tissue cells, (6-10) (2) circulation and deposition of antigen-antibody complexes with activation of the complement system and resultant inflammatory tissue destruction, (8,10,11) or (3) an inflammatory reaction mediated by sensitized T lymphocytes.
The association between the human leukocyte antigen (HLA) complex and Meniere disease has been explored, but results have varied among different populations worldwide.
Many authors have purported an increased incidence of migraine headache in patients with Meniere syndrome.
Kayan and Hood performed a large retrospective study of migraine headache and identified 6 patients with Meniere syndrome of the 280 patients with migraine headache (2.
Companies discussed in this Meniere Disease Pipeline Review, H2 2014 report include Orbis Biosciences, Inc.
Reasons to buy Meniere Disease Pipeline Review, H2 2014 report:
These patients are felt to have an early form of Meniere disease in which their hearing may not yet be affected.
The vertigo of Meniere disease is typically treated with a low-salt diet, diuretics, and labyrinthine suppressants.
Intratympanic streptomycin therapy for the vertigo spells of Meniere disease was first described by Schuknecht in 1957.