Mengo virus

Men·go vi·rus

a strain of encephalomyocarditis virus.
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a region of Uganda where virus was discovered in animals in 1948.
Mengo encephalomyelitis - Synonym(s): Mengo virus
Mengo virus - a strain of encephalomyocarditis. Synonym(s): Mengo encephalomyelitis
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The type species is Encephalomyocarditis virus, which includes strains of murine encephalomyocarditis virus (EMCV), Mengo virus, and Maus Eberfeld virus.
The following sequences were used for analysis and primer design: Saffold virus (EF 165067), TMEV strain DA (M20301), TMEV strain GDVII (M20562), TMEV strain BeAn (M16020), Vilyuisk virus (M94868), Theiler-like virus of rats NGS910 (AB090161), Mengo virus (L22089), and EMCV (X87335).
The 5'-noncoding region of this sequence was aligned with that of other cardioviruses, including TMEV, EMCV, and Mengo virus. Primers were placed in regions conserved among the original Saffold virus sequence and various theiloviruses (Figure 1).