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a region of Uganda where virus was discovered in animals in 1948.
Mengo encephalomyelitis - Synonym(s): Mengo virus
Mengo virus - a strain of encephalomyocarditis. Synonym(s): Mengo encephalomyelitis
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We will have some matches in May before the World Cup to help us shape up our preparations," he said during the presser at Fufa House in Mengo, Kampala on Wednesday.
The batch, which comprised of clinical officers, registered nurses and midwives, completed three years of training at Mengo hospital in Kampala.
On September 23, 2014, a healthcare worker was admitted to Mengo Hospital in Kampala, Uganda, with a febrile illness suspected to be viral hemorrhagic fever (VHF) infection.
The laughs came thick and fast - Julie Legrand, Desmond Barrit, Lee Mengo and Keith Dunphy, in The Rivals Picture: MARK DOUET
Security guard Rosemarie Mengo said she heard Dela Cruz jokingly say that there was a bomb in the bag of his female companion.
A retrospective clinical study was performed over a 2-year period (2012-2013) at Mengo Hospital, Urology Unit.
My youngest was impressed with the underwater scene and was calling for "more" when it had finished but for me the dame of the pantomime in the form of Sarah the Cook played by Lee Mengo really held the show together with plenty of laughs and double entendres.
The man, aged 30, died in the Mengo hospital where he worked on September 28, 11 days after falling ill, the authorities said.
In such a situation the decision by the Mengo Church Council, chaired by Apolo Kaggwa, to respond to this request from Tooro was a political act.
Bahrain Club team members Kaltham Elyasi and Korean professional Mengo were also in good form to win their matches, which proved decisive.