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Karl, German gynecologist, 1864-1945. See: Menge pessary.
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According to the respondents in the study area, the main feed source for goats was natural pasture with an index of 0.86, 0.91 and 0.87 for Sherkole, Kurmuk and Menge districts, respectively.
It's gratifying to see that their efforts have been acknowledged again by travel professionals and our customers around the world, particularly in the fast-growing Asia market,' said Menge.
The Menge siblings both shouted "Candy!" when asked what they were most excited about seeing Tuesday, geared up with plastic sacks for their loot from the passing cars.
In a second paper in Nature, archaeologist Adam Brumm and colleagues describe chemical analyses of a hominid tooth and two animal teeth, as well as of volcanic ash and sediment layers at Mata Menge, that yielded the age estimate for the finds.
Menge, a general surgeon at Pelonomi Hospital in Bloemfontein, said the biggest change to the easily and widely abused current setup will be a standardised protocol across provinces with line managers being held directly responsible for ensuring consultants work their minimum 56 hours per week (40 hours plus 16 hours of paid overtime).
It fell to Drinkhall to clinch the match for England when he beat Menge 3-1.
Tiefgekuhltes Fleisch ist um 2,2% im Wert angestiegen, in der Menge aber um 0,8% gesunken.
* "The Opportunities and Limits of New Supply Sources," with Horst Menge of MYillkoski Continental, based in Germany, moderating;
Economic Development Officer of the Year is Tracy Menge of Eskasoni First Nation, N.S.
WET DAY: The rain fell, but this event was no washout as many turned out to help rescued dogs, among them Susie, seen here with Jo Wilson, and Niles pictured with Ray Menge. Picture: LISA CAREY
The widespread occurrence of intraguild predation and other forms of omnivory in natural food webs (e.g., Bradley 1983, ter Braak 1986, Menge and Sutherland 1987, Polis 1991, 1994, Diehi 1992, 1993) has led Polis and Strong (1996) to question the validity of the trophic level concept and the generality of trophic cascades.