periodic law

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Men·de·lé·eff law

the properties of elements are periodic functions of their atomic weights; that is, if the elements are arranged in the order of their atomic weights, every element in the series will be related in respect to its properties to the eighth in order before or after it.
Synonym(s): periodic law
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periodic law

The physical and chemical properties of chemical elements are periodic functions of their atomic number. A natural classification of elements is made according to their atomic number. When arranged in order (through calcium, atomic number 20), elements show regular variations in most of their physical and chemical properties.
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Dimitri (Dmitri) I., Russian chemist, 1834-1907.
Mendeléeff law - the properties of elements are periodical functions of their atomic weights. Synonym(s): periodic law
mendelevium - an element, atomic No. 101, atomic weight 258.1, prepared in 1955 by bombardment of einsteinium with alpha particles.
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