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The fruit of the papaw (pawpaw), Carica papaya (family Caricaceae), a tree of the tropic Americas; it possesses a proteolytic action and is the source of papain.
Synonym(s): carica
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citrulli [Aac1.sup.Rif] in infected melon fruits and leaves incorporated to the soil at different depths, evaluated by the relative extinction rate of the bacterial population (RERP).
However melon fruit fly [Bactrocera cucurbitae (Coquillett) (Diptera: Tephritidae)] is the major limiting factor in obtaining quality fruits and a high yield (Dhillon et al.
These results related with the (Mir et al., 2014) and also close to (Shivyya et al., 2007; Waseem et al., 2012) who reported that sugar (carbohydrates) nutrient extended the longevity of melon fruit fly.
Griffith University, Australia for identification of melon fruit fly.
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WHITES Cono Sur Viognier Colchagua Valley 2009 (Waitrose, Majestic, Morrisons, Oddbins, pounds 6.99-pounds 7.49) is full of aromatic, slightly honeyed, ripe apricot and melon fruit with a touch of spice.
His Darling Chenin Blanc 2008 (pounds 7.99) is deliciously summery with full, ripe and refreshing pear and melon fruit.
The dry white northern Italian Canaletto Pinot Grigio/Garganega 2006 is another summery tipple, with clean, crisp green apple and ripe melon fruit (pounds 4.99 at Somerfield and Waitro se).
Working with the largest cantaloupe and honeydew melon growers in Texas and with other collaborators, Lester has extensively studied applying potassium as a foliar spray during melon fruit development.
This has resulted in crisp peach and melon fruit, with a rich, buttery texture.
A hint of oak and herbs in smooth melon fruit; bright and crisp with nuts and celery in lush fruit.