Ernst G., Swedish physician, 1898-1932. See: Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome.
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Melkersson Syndrome was first described in 1928 as peripheral facial paralysis and swelling of lips.
In 1928, Melkersson first described the clinical syndrome as an edema of the orofacial region with the facial nerve palsy [1], and in 1931, Rosenthal added fissured tongue as a part of the clinical picture of this syndrome [2].
It was originally independently described in 1928 by Ernst Gustav Melkersson and in 1931 by Curt Rosenthal.
Orofacial granulomatosis(OFG) unrelated to a certain systemic disease was first reported and described by Melkersson in 1928 as an orofacial swelling accompanied with facial nerve palsy.
(1), (2) It was first described in 1928 by Melkersson as a syndrome of recurrent facial palsy and edema, and a fissured tongue, the third feature of this syndrome, was added by Rosenthal in 1931.
For example, we include local cigarette and beer prices; the latter are included because smoking and drinking are often thought of as complements (DiFranza and Guerrera, 1990; Bask and Melkersson, 2004; Picone, Sloan, and Trogdon, 2004).
La literatura recomienda la utilizacion de modelos de analisis de datos de recuento para la modelizacion de variables dependientes de estas caracteristicas (Winkelmann y Zimmermann, 1995; Wang y Famoye, 1997; Melkersson y Rooth, 2000, entre otros).
Bask and Melkersson (2004) applied a rational expectation model to estimate the complementary relationship between tobacco and alcohol and found that the decision to consume the two substances is frequently made at the same time.
Melkersson described a syndrome that consists of peripheral facial palsy and swelling of the lips, in 1928.