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an island in the Mediterranean Sea south of Sicily.
Malta fever - Synonym(s): brucellosis
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At completion, the current shareholders of Melita would own 51% of the combined company and Vodafone Europe B.V., the current shareholder of Vodafone Malta, will own the remaining 49%.
He adds: "Melita was the longest-lasting Soviet spy in British history and that country's most important female operative.
Melita had arranged for Shimna Taxis to be our wheels during the weekend so we could both enjoy a drink without the worry of jangling car keys.
"I worked at British Steel and Melita worked in the Binns store in Middlesbrough."
The Melita Conversations Universal Server is now available on Red Hat's Linux Advanced Server operating on an HP Compaq platform.
Europe Cinema Evenements, the private company that produces both events, was inherited by Toscan du Plantier's widow, Melita, artistic director of the Cesars, and other family members.
Joseph Melita, head of special investigations for the Broward County school board, said he believes Vanchieri is a good teacher who "realizes he made a bad decision" but that because the videos are accessible to the public, Vanchieri most probably will be fired.
Redescription of Melita planaterga Kunkel 1910 from Bermuda islands with revision of genera Melita Leach and Abludomelita n.
The author whose book first revealed the activities of grandmother spy Melita Norwood yesterday dismissed suggestions that she could be prosecuted.
Academic Dr Martin McCauley is reported to have said many agents were "still alive and living quietly" in Britain like unmasked great-grandmother Melita Norwood.
MELITA Norwood's former boss told last night how she was never suspected of being a spy "because we didn't think secretaries were clever enough to understand what it vwas all about".
Once Mosaix, the main threat to Melita in the mid-tier call center market was purchased by telecoms heavyweight, Lucent Technologies, its rise to dominance looked imminently achievable.