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J.C., Danish physician. See: Dyggve-Melchior-Clausen syndrome.
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The mayor's search for "the best and the brightest" yielded one Roger Melchior, at $77,000, plus health insurance costing the city another $17,000 per year.
Kultur is proud to announce the DVD release of Lauritz Melchior: The Art of the Heldentenor in Opera and Song Vols.
Melchior added that the barcodes could be used not just at attractions, but for major events in town.
Both works are great examples of post-romantic excess (and in a way German Expressionism), challenging in their exploration of tonality and the string sextet medium, aurally ravishing and rich in timbre and texture - qualities the Melchior Ensemble never failed to explore and exploit.
the possibility of giving her that pleasure, Melchior cannot restrain
Melchior Wathelet: No, I was more surprised by the conclusions of the two advocate-generals in this long case which has been going on for 36 months.
Moritz turns to Melchior for illumination, but is too fearful of the subject even to listen, asking his friend to write an illustrated essay.
It stands for: "Anno Domini (the year of Our Lord) 2006, Caspar, Melchior, Balthasar," the names of the Three Kings.
In the final installment of the trilogy, following Balshazzar's Serpent and Melchior's Fire, the reader returns to the tale of three planets whose star system is legendary for the ships that have traveled there and never returned.
Tinsley provides separate chapters analyzing Bayle's articles on five major Protestant reformers (Martin Luther, Philipp Melanchthon, Martin Bucer, John Calvin, and Theodore Beza), six Protestant outsiders (Melchior Hoffman, Sebastian Franck, Sebastian Castellio, Bernardino Ochino, Francesco Stancaro, and Faustus Socinus), and two mutually contrasting Catholics (Desiderius Erasmus and Ignatius Loyola).
Caniell has resurrected a complete 1937 Met Siegfried and a 1938 Act II of Parsifal, both with Lauritz Melchior and Kirsten Flagstad; an incomparably theatrical 1943 Nozze di Figaro with Ezio Pinza and Bidu Sayao; a vivid 1949 New York Philharmonic broadcast of Elektra conducted by Dimitri Mitropoulos with Astrid Varnay; and all of the extant scenes from Chaliapin's renowned 1928 Covent Garden performance of Boris Godounov.
A Delta Airline subsidiary, Comair, in Cincinnati refused to permit Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Michael Melchior to fly on a domestic flight after the pilot determined the minister was a "security risk".