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The melanophore clusters, responsible for creating the distinctive "spots" first visible in the late stage embryo, gave the impression of prominent stripes along the dorsolateral region of the body trunk (Fig.
This was noticeable when comparing the distribution of melanin within the melanophores between day 0 and day 14 (Fig.
Although it is commonly accepted that opsins are typically located in the cell membrane, similar results were also reported in Xenopus laevis melanophores [16].
The recombinant protein produced was quantified using a BCA protein assay kit (Pierce, Rockford, IL) and tested for bioactivity by using a pigment aggregation assay in tilapia melanophores.
All specimens were relatively robust; in specimens [greater than or equal to] 6 mm long, there were large parietal and preopercular spines and melanophores on the lower jaw, on the margins of the pectoral fins, and on the ventral margin of the tail but they were absent on the upper jaw and snout and dorsally and laterally on the trunk and tail.
variatus individuals displaying "wild-type" tail spotting (i.e., lacking melanophores on the caudal peduncle), collected from Waller Creek in summer 2012, and on 7 specimens from a local pet store also displaying "wild-type" morphology.
The two adult male paratypes (WANI) exhibit similar markings, but are overall much darker with thicker dark scale margins and numerous microscopic melanophores on the lower portion of the sides.
Each embryo had a clear chorion and a lightly tinted yellow to nearly clear yolk sac with a moderate amount of melanophores present.
Yellow pigment cells called xanthophores reach out toward black pigment cells called melanophores. The black cells recoil and move away.
jabonero), in having melanophores present on the posterior margins of the scales all along the sides of body (vs.
These clinical cases were tentatively diagnosed as leukoderma and confirmed on basis of hypocupremia, low serum ceruloplasmin and absence of melanocytes and melanophores in epidermis on histopathological examination.