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Georg, German histologist, 1829-1905. See: Meissner corpuscle, Meissner plexus.
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Particularly in the post-Madoff world, many investors won't make an allocation of capital without a strong back office and internal compliance function," Meisner points out.
He was playing in bands as a teenager, with fellow Detroit musician Bob Seger among his early friends, and met Henley, Meisner and Leadon while they were all trying to make it in the LA music scene.
Meisner states, "I build great sales teams with a passion for what they are doing and a culture of 'happy sales people equals happy customers'.
Meisner was one of the cardinals who took part in the conclave that elected Pope Francis on March 13 last year but has now lost the right to elect a future pope because he has reached the age threshold of 80.
Meisner subsequently clarified through a spokesperson that "if, after a rape, a supplement is used with the inten[t] of preventing fertilization, that is in my view justifiable," according to Deutsche Welle.
By the time sixth album, The Long Run, was released in 1979, Randy Meisner had left the band to be replaced by Timothy B Schmidt.
Cardinal Meisner had met with Pope in Rome after his resignation in February.
In an interview with a German newspaper, Cardinal Meisner asserted that Pope Benedict himself had approved the German bishops' decision.
Meisner referenced the dozens of programs that have been implemented across the country, including at Stanford University in California.
Meisner did not exhort actors "to hail these stereotypes as truth.
WORCESTER - It wasn't easy, but Holy Cross finally managed to solve American International goalie Ben Meisner.
We're very pleased with the turnout," Meisner said.