Henri, French physician, 1866-1940. See: Meige disease.
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Tardive Blepharospasm and Meige Syndrome during Treatment with Quetiapine and Olanzapine.
Meige, que passa a residir e a trabalhar no atelier instalado no res-chao da casa, contiguo a uma galeria de exposicoes temporarias, onde expunha parte dos seus trabalhos.
In about 78% of the patients with BEB, which is a progressive disease, dystonia can be seen in the lower face or neck region (Meige syndrome, orofacial dystonia or oromandibular dystonia) or in other parts out of the facial nerve region (6).
Meige disease develops at puberty or later, after a minor injury, and presents mostly with foot and ankle swelling.
Diplopia, fraqueza das palpebras, disfagia e pneumonia aspirativa (na sindrome de Meige), fraqueza na musculatura da face, vomito, edema e/ou equimose (KALIL, 2011) EA foram equimoses, edema, eritema, dor local e nodulo.
The terms oromandibular dystonia, craniocervical dystonia, or Meige syndrome describe a focal or segmental dystonia whereby repetitive sustained spasms of the masticatory, facial, or lingual muscles result in painful, involuntary, movement of the jaws.
Long-term botulinum toxin treatment of benign essential blepharospasm, hemifacial spasm, and Meige syndrome.
Summary: The present case report described a 61-year-old female patient who was diagnosed as Meige syndrome with double eyelid spasm, anxiety and insomnia.
Deep brain stimulation for craniocervical dystonia (Meige Syndrome): A report of four patients and a literature-based analysis of its treatment effects.
They cover the history of clinical applications of botulinum toxin, how it works, facial muscle anatomy, and commercially available products, equipment and supplies, reconstitution and dilution recommendations, and clinical implementation, followed by chapters on uses in the treatment of blepharospasm, Meige syndrome, hemifacial spasm, functional disorders like hyperhidrosis and dry eye, neuro-ophthalmic conditions, and cosmetic applications, as well as periorbital rejuvenation using cosmetic filler agents and fat injection and marketing botulinum toxin and dermal filler agents to build a practice.