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A tattoo-like form of body art (Mehindi) in which the skin—especially the palms and soles—is painted using a paste made from leaves of Lawsonia inermis, a shrub that grows in Egypt, Tunisia, Iran, India, the Arabian peninsula and tropical Africa, popularly known as henna, henne, al-khanna and al-henna. It is applied to women as a temporary skin decoration, often for weddings and festivals for Jews, Hindus and Muslims from the eastern Mediterranean into the Indian subcontinent. Some artists use an illegal synthetic dye, p-phenylenediamine (PPD), also known as black hennam, to strengthen the colour. Prior exposure to PPD may evoke a brisk, even life-threatening, hypersensitivity reaction in response to reexposure, usually in the form of a sharply demarcated contact dermatitis
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Stalls of mehndi and bangles, the most popular items of Eid-ul-Fitr among women, can be seen everywhere these days, particularly in busy markets and bazaars.
Daler Mehndi's daughter is married to a son of Hans Raj Hans.
It was attended by celebrities such as Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina, Mika Singh, Daler Mehndi and Sohail Khan.
The song has been choreographed very intelligently by Nigha Jee, who has given new mehndi dance goals for this wedding season.
Her acclaimed shows on the state-run channel include Mehndi. She has recently won Best Actress Award for Noor-e-Zindagi.
IANS Chandigarh A court in Patiala on Friday convicted famous bhangra-pop singer Daler Mehndi in a 15-year-old human trafficking case.
A court in Patiala yesterday convicted famous bhangra-pop singer Daler Mehndi in a 15-year-old human trafficking case.
A number of students at the Nashville elementary school I teach at are of Muslim faith, the girls wear hijabs and, on occasion, sport "mehndi" on their hands.
Koee Jachdi Na Thaan is a rabaabi ballad with simple earthy words written and composed by Daler Mehndi. The song expresses a forlornness of a lover, a seeker who is restless, to whom nothing, no place brings peace.
EMMERDALE ITV, 7pm At the Mehndi hen party, Priya's cousin reassures her it's normal not to fall in love straight away.
AS THE final day for the muchawaited India Today Mind Rocks Youth Summit draws closer, people across the region are eagerly waiting to treat themselves to a peek into the world of singer Daler Mehndi and MP and comedian Bhagwant Mann.
Parents, pupils and sta had their hands painted with Mehndi designs by talented sta and e Health Development Service team, who run the One Body One Life program, in school came in to run an aerobics stand.