A massive randomized clinical trial that tests the advantages of marginally effective experimental drugs by enrolling 10,000 or more subjects
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20) However, it is not likely that the courts in that state, or any other, would ever again order up such a megatrial, and so another anecdotal reason for changing the law seems more historical than current.
That was the key message of ONTARGET (the Ongoing Telmisartan Alone and in Combination With Ramipril Global End Point Trial), a 25,620-patient megatrial presented by Dr.
The MGM Grand Hotel insurance megatrial ended Wednesday at the Thomas and Mack Center in a festive mood, as District Judge Paul Goldman approved the $87.
The results of this landmark megatrial were published as the lead article in the New England Journal of Medicine on June 2nd 2005.
NEW ORLEANS -- No sooner had the ink dried on new American College of Physicians practice guidelines calling for ACE inhibitor therapy in patients with coronary artery disease than the document was rendered outdated by a new megatrial.
Only Against a Co-Defendant at a Megatrial, 53 OKLA.
We look forward to the results of VALIANT, another Diovan megatrial that will report later this year.
ATLANTA -- Antibiotic therapy for prevention of coronary events has proved to be a washout in its first megatrial.
The loss of this clinical trial coupled with the strategic investments throughout 1997 to expand clinical infrastructure to support the megatrial and improve the Company's ability to compete for other large global studies will have a significant negative impact on the Company's results of operations for the remainder of 1998.
Misconduct Admissible Only Against a Co-Defendant at a Megatrial, 53
Finally, it is important to reiterate the findings of ISIS-3, the most highly regarded and widely scrutinized megatrial.