Meeh-DuBois formula

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Meeh-Du·Bois for·mu·la

(mē dū-bwah'),
a formula for predicting surface area, assuming that it is proportional to two thirds of the power of the body weight.
Synonym(s): Meeh formula
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Eugene F., U.S. physiologist, 1882-1959.
Aub-DuBois table - see under Aub
DuBois formula - a formula for predicting a person's surface area from weight and height.
Meeh-DuBois formula - see under Meeh


K., 19th century German physiologist.
Meeh formula - Synonym(s): Meeh-Dubois formula
Meeh-DuBois formula - for predicting surface area. Synonym(s): Meeh formula
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