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Regional drug slang for an inhalant.
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(pl. medusas, medusae) the jellyfish (medusoid) stage of the COELENTERATE life cycle, usually free-swimming and propelled by pulsations of the bell. Medusae usually reproduce sexually, giving rise to a POLYP stage from which the medusae are produced asexually Medusae form the dominant phase of the life history of members of the class Scyphozoa, but are often absent or of lesser importance in other classes of the phylum.
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in Greek mythology, a Gorgon who turned men to stone.
caput Medusae - (1) varicose veins radiating from the umbilicus; - (2) dilated ciliary arteries girdling the corneoscleral limbus in rubeosis iridis. Synonym(s): head of Medusa
head of Medusa - Synonym(s): caput Medusae
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"The Politics of Medusa: Shelley's Physiognomy of Revolution." English Literary History 68, no.
The medusa is easily identified by the dichotomously branched tentacles with terminal pads of nematocysts.
The film, ''The Raft of the Medusa's Real Story,'' will be broadcast on Arte in France and Germany in early 2015.
Over the half-century since the publication of Foster's article, Italian scholarship has witnessed several theoretical approaches to the figure of Medusa within Petrarch's poetics, all of which ultimately come back to the same penitential theme highlighted in 1962, and almost always in comparison to Dante's beloved Beatrice.
Although Perseus represents the classic hero in this myth, Medusa's back story, and what made her the most evil and terrifying creature in Greek mythology, bears explanation.
Gazing at the reflection, he slashed at Medusa, and her head fell to the ground
They summon Medusa to come punish the pilgrim who has dared to enter their realm.
Of particularly interest is the developing relationship between Tom and Medusa, from respect for fighting skills to the recognition of similar traits, goals and interests.
Considering the millennia spanning the gap between the mythological Medusa and the current head of the IMF, the aforementioned venomous snakes have been transformed into sleek silvery hair portentously reflecting Cairo's sunrays and blinding Lagarde's Egyptian victims.
joins the houses, that abyss flanked by sunstarved brick, medusa should
Medusa fully fmanced the approximately $25 million film, working with producer Letty Aronson.