A neologism for medicine’s working parlance which has a core vocabulary of abbreviations, jargon, acronyms and neologisms based on the classics—Greek & Latin—video games, movies, the Internet, television, and other sources
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When terminology is an issue, helpful resources are MLA's "Deciphering Medspeak" brochures (
The Medical Library Association announced that it has been recognized in the 2004 National Health Information Awards for its consumer health brochure "Deciphering Medspeak." The brochure provides definitions of more than 100 medical terms and a list of prescription shorthand terms.
* MedSpeak: How to Talk to Medical Professionals: Nonmembers of the medical profession can find out what they need to know to understand professionals in the medical field.
IBM has introduced a new system for general medicine, ViaVoice 98, the standalone product, and MedSpeak Solution Developers Kit General Medical Edition, for integrating the voice recognition system into hospital information systems.
But the system, using IBM's MedSpeak Radiology on 25 workstations throughout the department, worked well.
Working Group for Health Literacy to produce a series of Medspeak and
* production of additional Medspeak brochures found in your
visited included the MLA store, jobs, the Medspeak brochures, the
publication of three new brochures, there are a total of seven Medspeak