Medicine Bundle

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A collection of objects—e.g., animal skins, powders, stones, etc.—that may be carried by Native Americans, which are believed to have healing powers
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While the discussions were being held in the communities, the Museum lent the medicine bundle to the requesting group.
Caption: Marcel Petiquay, second from right, puts a copy of his poem and a medicine bundle in a suitcase as a gesture of healing and reconciliation as (L to R) Archbishop Fred Hiltz, Bishop Dennis Drainville, Harold Petiquay and the Rev.
And it's up to us to carry around medicine bundles of our own making.
A Cree Healer and His Medicine Bundle: Revelations of Indigenous Wisdom--Healing Plants, Practices, and Stories
(16) Indeed, according to Birgit Hans, "Wind from an Enemy Sky is a didactic piece of writing; McNickle had a point to make about Indian administration and the careless destruction of the spiritual heritage of American Indian tribes." (17) One aspect of that carelessness can be seen clearly in McNickle's depiction of the fate of Feather Boy, the sacred medicine bundle that had been taken from the Little Elk tribe and stored in a museum: "Feather Boy was put in storage, in a bin, along with others of the same class," explains the character Adam Pell, the wealthy entrepreneur and collector who himself "had never liked being on exhibition." (18) While in storage Feather Boy is neglected and destroyed:
Gilles Pinette was the recipient of an award in the medicine category In addition to practicing family medicine in Winnipeg, he writes the syndicated medical column The Medicine Bundle, hosts Medicine Chest on APTN, works as a lecturer and instructor at the University of Manitoba and works to provide supports to Aboriginal medical students.
Gruber delves into the furry medicine bundle made of animal skins.
The Above Ones, Beaver Medicine bundle, dreams, wolverine, raven, Thunder Chief, Medicine Woman bundle, Sun Dance Ceremony, Medicine wolf, songs, Underwater people, Old Man, Sun Chief, medicine pole, Napi, Boss Ribs, and Mik-api are just a few of the people and objects with the power to heal.
What was beautiful to watch was a few of the four- and five-year-old girls (my own daughter included) perform their own ceremony utilizing our spiritual leader's medicine bundle. His bundle was open on the floor.
Contributing a story of Medicine Pipes and Fur Traders, Dempsey introduces the reader to medicine bundle mysticism and its spiritual relationship to the land and treaty obligations as the tribe fell into the mercantile era of the fur trade.
He lit the tiny stove and proceeded to produce his "medicine bundle" while taking on a new age white medicine man persona.
In confronting the traditional signs of his impending death, Henry Jim approaches Bull's camp with the desire for reconciliation, and he has rightly recognized that renewed tribal fraternity can only be had with return of the Feather Boy medicine bundle. In another touch ofirony, it is faith in the "New Deal" government agent, Rafferty, which compels Henry Jim to believe in the possibility for recovery of the bundle.