Medicine Bundle

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A collection of objects—e.g., animal skins, powders, stones, etc.—that may be carried by Native Americans, which are believed to have healing powers
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Caption: Marcel Petiquay, second from right, puts a copy of his poem and a medicine bundle in a suitcase as a gesture of healing and reconciliation as (L to R) Archbishop Fred Hiltz, Bishop Dennis Drainville, Harold Petiquay and the Rev.
And it's up to us to carry around medicine bundles of our own making.
The medicine bundle had effectively disappeared, although not absolutely.
Gruber delves into the furry medicine bundle made of animal skins.
The Above Ones, Beaver Medicine bundle, dreams, wolverine, raven, Thunder Chief, Medicine Woman bundle, Sun Dance Ceremony, Medicine wolf, songs, Underwater people, Old Man, Sun Chief, medicine pole, Napi, Boss Ribs, and Mik-api are just a few of the people and objects with the power to heal.
What was beautiful to watch was a few of the four- and five-year-old girls (my own daughter included) perform their own ceremony utilizing our spiritual leader's medicine bundle.
Contributing a story of Medicine Pipes and Fur Traders, Dempsey introduces the reader to medicine bundle mysticism and its spiritual relationship to the land and treaty obligations as the tribe fell into the mercantile era of the fur trade.
D'Arcy McNickle's Wind from an Enemy Sky(1) presents a unique articulation of Native American sacred geography and concomitant environmental ethics via a mystical relationship with the "land" -its ecology-and the "Feather Boy" medicine bundle.
Things will be out on display teaching their culture, like Medicine Bundles, sacred herbs.
Despite criticism from members of the provincial government, Conaty oversaw the return of more than 50 medicine bundles to the Blackfoot and Cree communities from 1990-2000.
Medicine bundles are fascinating because they were made for the hunters.
Set in a timeless space "as in a creation story," this twelve-scene play flows together as a story of the creation of the Talyi-dai, or "boy medicine," which remains with the Kiowa today as medicine bundles.