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traditional medicine

Alternative medicine
Any system of healthcare that has ancient roots, cultural bonds, trained healers and a theoretical construct; traditional systems include ayurvedic medicine, ethnomedicine, shamanism and traditional Chinese medicine.   

Mainstream medicine
Mainstream (Western) medicine, see there.
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traditional medicine

1. Any system of health care that has ancient roots, cultural bonds, trained healers, and a theoretical construct; traditional systems include ayurvedic medicine, ethnomedicine, shamanism, traditional Chinese medicine.
2. Mainstream medicine, see there.
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Patient discussion about traditional medicine

Q. How effective are the traditional medicines?

A. I agree, chinese medicine is more about preventing- having the person totaly healthy at all times and not only curing the disease.

Q. What medicines are considered to be traditional chinese? and what are the most common ones and for what propose ?

A. there is a long long list of Chinese herbs and their functions. i must say i'm not an expert and haven't tried all of them but some of them are probably not as affective as western medicine and some of them are better. here is a list of some of the most common ones:

Q. What is the medical sense behind Chinese Medicine? and traditional treatments?

A. it's trial and error of thousands of years. not always true but some times even more effective then western medicine. the best idea is to combine them both. at least that's my opinion.

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Other sections address general aspects of complementary and alternative medicine, traditional Chinese and Indian medicine, and other complementary therapies and diagnostic procedures such as naturopathy.
For example, botanical/ herbal medicine, homeopathic medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acupuncture, Ayurvedic medicine, nutritional medicine, physical medicine (akin to courses taken by a physiotherapist or chiropractor), diet and lifestyle counseling, along with psychological counseling are some of the areas that make up naturopathic medicine.
As an integrated development, the facilities within the Medical City shall cater to the three distinctive areas under the health spectrum, namely modern medicine, traditional and complementary medicine (TCM), and wellness.
In addition, NCCAM studies whole medical systems, such as Ayurvedic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, traditional indigenous medicine, and homeopathy.
Its researchers have university training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, traditional Chinese pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical analysis, biochemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology and clinical medicine.
* Alternative medical systems are built upon complementary systems of theory and practice (e.g., homeopathic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine).
They include the China Medical Association (CME), Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine Association, Chinese Nursing Association, Chinese Pharmaceutical Association, and Chinese Association of Combined Chinese Traditional and Western Medicine.
This is the second time we have taught the course together, and both times we have done so with the assistance of an impressive roster of internal scholars--our colleagues in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB)--and external practitioners of a series of healing modalities--Ayurveda, traditional Tibetan medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, Western homeopathy, and American "energy" healing.
Drawing on modern medicine, traditional African customs, Chinese medicine and other natural cures, the book gives tips on cultivating holistic healing of the mind, body and soul.
In the first section, respondents were first asked about their use of TCM: "Have you ever used any traditional and complementary medicine for your own health or treatment as well as in the previous 12 months?" The checklist of 6 specific TCM modalities based on the classification of TCM modalities by TCM Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia [18], including traditional Malay medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Indian medicine, manipulative based practice, energy medicine, mind, body, and soul therapy, and biological based medicine, was used to stimulate respondents' memory during the interviews.
"In tandem with the regular allopathic (Western) system of medicine, traditional medicine is doing wonders," she said.

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