medicinal chemistry

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phar·ma·ceu·ti·cal chem·is·try

medicinal chemistry in its application to the analysis, development, preparation, and the manufacture of drugs.
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medicinal chemistry

The discipline involved in discovering and developing new chemical compounds into useful medicines; the analysis, development, preparation, and manufacture of drugs.

Medicinal chemistry begins after biologically validated targets have been screened against a diverse library of compounds and promising initial chemical structures (known as hits) have been identified; the hits are then optimised to improve their therapeutic index—potency vs. toxicity.
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Background: Nancy Gray has more than 30 years of experience in biomedical industries, including medicinal chemistry research, management of pharmaceutical research and development, and business operations.
In 2005 he won the Royal Society of Chemistry Industriallysponsored Award in Medicinal Chemistry. is award is given every three years for outstanding contributions to medicinal chemistry.
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Also in the family of heterocyclic compounds nitrogen containing heterocycles are an important class of compounds in the medicinal chemistry and also contributed to the society from biological and industrial point which helps to understand life processes [25].
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