medicinal chemistry

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phar·ma·ceu·ti·cal chem·is·try

medicinal chemistry in its application to the analysis, development, preparation, and the manufacture of drugs.

medicinal chemistry

The discipline involved in discovering and developing new chemical compounds into useful medicines; the analysis, development, preparation, and manufacture of drugs.

Medicinal chemistry begins after biologically validated targets have been screened against a diverse library of compounds and promising initial chemical structures (known as hits) have been identified; the hits are then optimised to improve their therapeutic index—potency vs. toxicity.
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Earlier, Dr Holsworth was an associate research fellow medicinal chemist at Pfizer, co-founder and head of Chemistry at ODIN Therapeutics AS and Technical Advisor for CA Botana International.
Bala Gorityala, a medicinal chemist, and has patented a unique non-toxic coating that safely eliminates germs and bacteria on common hospital surfaces.
Q5 Healthcare was set up in 2013 by Medicinal Chemist Dr Raj Rao.
Lam is a former medicinal chemist with Bristol-Myers Squibb with a total of eight clinical candidates to his name and was the co-inventor of Eliquis[R]/Apixaban, a very successful blood thinner used to prevent clots and strokes.
Those early tech backers did themselves in by overpromising, says medicinal chemist Craig Lindsley of Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville.
To access such information, the medicinal chemist typically walks up to one of several open-access systems configured for this purpose, submits a sample to the queue and selects a protocol HPLC/MS method.
Earlier in his career he worked as a medicinal chemist for Boots Pharmaceuticals.
A US radio show, This American Life, claims it has uncovered a handwritten replica of the original recipe created by medicinal chemist John Pemberton in 1866.
It was first mixed by medicinal chemist John Pemberton in 1886.
Novacea had developed the technology through years of collaboration with the laboratory of UO professor John Keana, a medicinal chemist who holds 70 U.S.
I am originally trained as a synthetic organic or medicinal chemist and only backed into farming, and not terribly successful as a farmer.
Weichu "Brian" Xu, a medicinal chemist from Shrewsbury, spent hours trying to find out the fate of his cousin, a postal worker in Dujiangyan.