medical error

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med·i·cal er·ror

(med'kăl er'ŏr)
In nursing usage, any failure to implement a planned action as intended or the implementation of the wrong nursing plan.
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Unsafe medication practices and medication errors are a cause of significant patient harm and injury globally.
Medication errors are an important cause of iatrogenic morbidity, mortality and additional health costs in hospitalised patients.
WASHINGTON -- Stronger industry safeguards have played a pivotal role in reducing medication errors with children's cough/cold medicines, according to the Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA).
Content on medication error reduction strategies fall into several categories: distraction/interruptions; nursing workflow; teamwork and coordination; basic mathematical skills; adherence to medication administration protocol; and recognition, detection, and reporting medication errors (Brady, Malone, & Fleming, 2009; ISMP, 2013; Nelms, Jones, & Treiber, 2011; Sheu, Wei, Chen, Yu, & Tang, 2009; Zyla 2009).
Global Banking News-May 24, 2013--European Medicines Agency issues six key recommendations to tackle the issue of medication errors; Report on medication errors workshop highlights areas for collaboration and improvement(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
A better work environment for nurses can translate into fewer medication errors, according to a recent study.
According to the Institute of Medicine (IOM), 400,000 cases of avoidable patient injury due to medication errors take place annually in hospitals in USA.
Carlton and Blegen (2006) noted medication errors occur due to active failures and latent conditions.
In addition to adverse economic consequences, medication errors, one of the most common types of medical errors, are also a source of morbidity and mortality (IOM 2000).
Medication errors, especially, in pediatric inpatients occur at similar rates as in adults but have three times the potential to cause harm.

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