Medicare Part B

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Med·i·care Part B

(med'i-kār pahrt)
The portion of the U.S. Medicare Program that helps pay for physician services, outpatient hospital care, durable medical equipment, and some services not covered by Medicare Part A.
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The "standard Medicare Part B" premium schedule will stay the same.
"Next year, we expect to see an increase of a little over 22% for Medicare Part B," says Ron Mastrogiovanni, president of HealthView Services (HVS), a provider of software that projects health care costs, in Danvers, Massachusetts.
The rules that apply to Medicare Part B rates are different.
Beneficiaries who fail to enroll in Medicare Part B at the right time must pay the late enrollment penalty (LEP), assessed at 10% of their monthly premium every month for life.
Not only are there increases in the numbers of APRNs directly billing Medicare Part B, those nurses are providing services to an increasing number of patients in the program, representing increasing percentages of patients.
The projected lower spending growth for Medicare Part B is based on Congress' allowing a nearly 31% cut to Medicare physician fees on Jan.
Medicare Part B: Supplementary Medical Insurance (SMI)
Further, in 2006, couples on Medicare, regardless of filing status and MAGI, paid a Medicare Part B premium of $2,124.
The standard monthly Medicare Part B premium will rise to $96.40 next year, up 3.1% from the current $93.50, Kerry Weems, administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced in a teleconference with reporters.
All you need to do is make sure the information in DEERS and on your ID card is up to date, and enroll in Medicare Part B. Once you are enrolled and have updated your ID card, you are covered under TRICARE for Life.
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