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(med'i-kă-ment, me-dik'ă-ment),
A medicine, medicinal application, or remedy.
[L. medicamentum, medicine]
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(mĭ-dĭk′ə-mənt, mĕd′ĭ-kə-)
An agent that promotes recovery from injury or ailment; a medicine.
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(med'i-kă-ment, me-dik'ă-ment)
Medicine, medicinal application, or remedy.
[L. medicamentum, medicine]
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Par ailleurs, les services du ministere assurent un controle permanent de qualite pour garantir l'acces a ce medicament a tous les patients atteints de thyroide, a-t-il assure, ajoutant que ces services suivent de pres la distribution de ce medicament dans toutes les pharmacies, afin d'eviter tout [beaucoup moins que] traitement preferentiel [beaucoup plus grand que] et en vue d'approvisionner le marche de maniere suffisante et equilibree.
Some of the most commonly used intra canal medicaments are calcium hydroxide (pulpdent), triple antibiotic paste (metronidazole, minocycline and ciprofloxacin) and doxypaste (doxycycline).
She also expressed her concern over the fact that the tender on state procurement of medicaments of the First Psychotic
Eh bien, cette fois-ci certains medicaments et leurs substituts figurent sur la liste des medicaments en manque !
De leur point de vue, une reduction de l'acces aux medicaments est un obstacle a cet objectif.
Therefore, the decision of the EBA will now ultimately construe the regulations on the protection of the second medical use of medicaments with regard to a novel dosage regime.
Une personne qui prend des medicament peut se sentir en bonne sante, mais on peut aussi etre en bonne sante a condition de prendre ses medicaments, mais la sante reste fragilisee et tributaire des prises medicamenteuses telles qu'elles ont ete prescrites par le medecin traitant.
It basically acknowledged medicaments are not common goods, and new rules determining their trading should be found.The European Commission halted legal proceedings against Slovakia, which introduced legal measures to stop the re-export of medicaments from the country to be sold more expensively abroad, the Pravda daily wrote on May 19.The EC admitted that due to the potential re-exports, Slovak patients could be threatened by a lack of drugs, and thus admitted regulation in trading them.