Medical Subject Headings

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Medical Subject Headings

A standard set of keyboarding terms used by the US National Library of Medicine to Index Medicus and Medline.

Med·i·cal Sub·ject Head·ings

(MeSH) (med'i-kăl sŭb'jekt hed'ings)
A huge controlled vocabulary (or metadata system) for the purpose of indexing journal articles and books in the life sciences. Created and updated by the United States National Library of Medicine (NLM), it is used by the MEDLINE article database and by NLM's catalog of book holdings. MeSH can be browsed and downloaded free of charge on the Internet; a printed version is published once a year.
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The medical subject heading definition of hemolysis used by the National Library of Medicine is "destruction of erythrocytes.
Evidence of the deleterious effects of poor lifestyle choices in the area of nutrition and physical activity may be observed based on many factors, including the addition of the medical subject heading (MESH) Metabolic Syndrome Xin 2002.
LocatorPlus and PubMed employ the Medical Subject Heading indexing vocabulary which is less specific for the interdisciplinary concerns of bioethics than the vocabulary used by Bioethicsline.
Search functionality incorporates Medical Subject Heading (MeSH) vocabulary and enables search across the full library, by subject, by content type, or by individual title - with results appearing in an easy-to-read central display.
The Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communications used Unified Medical Language System (UMLS) tools to further analyze search logs and created a ranked list of search terms organized by NLM's Medical Subject Heading (MESH) vocabulary (McCray, Loane, Browne, & Bangalore, 1999).
Other improvements to BIOSIS Previews include additional revisions to indexing fields, such as newly added taxonomical terms, revised biosystematic codes and revised mapping of Medical Subject Heading (MeSH(R)) Disease terms.
To conduct a good direct search, some skill and experience with Medline searching is required and in particular familiarity with the medical subject heading (MeSH) hierarchical structure, the superimposed subheading structure, and the organization of the Medline record.
Users can "point-and-click" to select and combine over 18,000 standard medical subject heading (MeSH) terms developed by the National Library of Medicine.
The librarian is viewed as a valuable resource in the selection of bibliographic databases and vendors, planning and testing of search strategies, and use of Medical Subject Heading (MESH) tools and other controlled vocabularies" (Mead & Richards, 1995, p.
Additional thesauri, including the Embase Emtree Thesaurus and MeSH Medical Subject Headings in MEDLINE, enable discovery of search terms and synonyms for even more comprehensive retrieval.
She examines the MeSH Medical Subject Headings thesaurus descriptors to discover how the term biobanks was first conceived, evolved, and adopted by scientific publications and the body of definition that has evolved within the legal framework.
National Library of Medicine, fact Sheet, Medical Subject Headings (MeSH[R]).

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